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Rebirth Inc. is a non profit tax exempt organization that was incorporated in 1978. Our mission is to present Michigan jazz artists worldwide as well a preserve jazz as America's true art form. Since 1978, Rebirth has successfully provided jazz concerts, jazz educational programs, audio and video recordings to the Detroit and surrounding communities and throughout the Midwest. Rebirth is committed to providing cultural enrichment, education, and exposure focused on our YOUTH and COMMUNITY--our most treasured resources.



To create and develop a new young  jazz audience and young  jazz musicians through intergenerational activities emphasizing the jazz masters and their students teaching the youth.  These activities include residency programs, workshops, performances  in educational institutions, community venues, art institutions  throughout the state of Michigan and internationally.  


The Rebirth Board of Directors represent various nationally respected professionals and musical artist throughout the Metropolitan DETROIT area.


Board Chair-Lynn Burdell

Phil Foster - Vice President

Amos Williams - Secretary/Treasurer

Nkenge Zola

Carleton Gholtz

Peter Clements

Alyson Jones

Janet Jones

Ralphe Armstrong

Naima Shamborguer

Dante Williams

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photos by Cybelle Codish & Doug Combe

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